Vintage Suitcase Amplifiers


I take great pride and get a lot of joy in re-purposing vintage suitcases and small guitar amplifiers.

Here are a few examples of suitcase amplifiers I have made from re-purposed materials whenever possible. The vintage suitcase amplifier with the original blue interior re-purposes an old Yamaha horn case. It is one of my favorites, a small 7 W amplifier has a great tone. It is quite the eye-catcher for street musicians etc.

tan 121Two Green

new as of 123Blue Tone

cropped-DSC03196.jpgTan And Tone

I name all of my projects as I know a lot of builders do. The name usually reflects either what it is, maybe from its history or its dedication to a particular subject. This amplifier started with a great 1940s vintage suitcase two toned tan and in great shape it quickly became known as “Tan and Tone”. It is a Fender 25R cut to fit with suede interior. Using a slightly upgraded speaker it makes quite the noise. You can see it from time to time in a video from its new owners, Canadian duo Twin Peaks.


as of 039Blues Gator


tan 156

tan 161

Some of these projects are still available. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in anything you see in the Cigar Box Guitar Hut.