Cigar Box Speakers

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These are simple extension speakers for your device. Cigar box speakers connects to your device using a short patch cord. Available everywhere they are cheap and easy to find in length you need. These cigar box speakers are extension speakers only and do not have any form of amplification. Made out of recycled parts they are loud enough to enjoy your favorite music but not loud enough to get you kicked out of your cubicle. I am now working on a series of extension speakers that connect using Bluetooth technology. These have a small amp, and are good around the house. And if you want to get kicked out of your cubicle, go to cigar box amplifiers on this page. You will find it easy to patch your iPhone into the cigar box amplifiers. They are 2 W amps and just might get you kicked out of your office. or you can go to Vintage Suitcase Amplifiers and get kicked out of the apartment.


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