Cigar Box Guitars


The excitement of completing a project to the point of stringing it up and listening to its unique sound is one of the high points of a project.

The excitement of stringing up a cigar box guitar for the first time cannot be beat. Okay I know it can but. Stringing up and tune it and see what it sounds like. Then one of the more exciting parts of a build is then to understand what it takes to modify that sound. Very few times has it happened but it does happen. I have strong up a cigar box guitar only to find it had a less than desirable sound. Then the job of modification begins. Do I need to make the sound hole larger? Do I need to add ribs to the interior? Or in the case of an electric cigar box guitar with pickups have I put the pickup in the correct place? As a builder I enjoy a project that moves along smoothly don’t be discouraged if your first guitar takes what seems like forever to build. The more you build the smoother it will go. As we have discussed before hope fully by now you will be building up a set of patterns, and a better understanding of what it takes to build a solid instrument. Below you will find photos of various cigar box guitars I have built. Some of these pictures are works in progress. As you see some of them are not yet strung.


377441_2858259946363_1555583276_32874085_983752032_nA matched cigar box guitar and cigar box amplifier.

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