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Attention to all cigar box guitar builders. Not including playing a cigar box guitar that I have built, the second most favorite thing about having a cigar box guitar is showing it off. Let’s face it – that’s why you build a beautiful kitchen table. That is why you build a beautiful chair. Sure you may need something to set on when you use your new kitchen table. Besides the practicality of the use you do want it to look good, don’t you? It is not a matter of conceit or arrogance that I tell you I make some pretty damn good-looking projects. There is just something about a two tone vintage suitcase with a guitar amp stuck in it. It just looks good. Some people look at it and don’t see what you and I as builders would see, the work that went into it etc. I enjoy showing my projects off that is what this website is all about. I want to see your projects and I want to give you a forum to see other projects for inspiration and technique. I think it is safe to say that you will find most builders very anxious to show you how and what they built.

 Here is a great example of a quick video on a really cool project. Gas can guitar

Let me say that again I really want to see your projects. Please feel free to go to the contact page and send me photos, or e-mail to martin@kenmarinterests.com. I will put them here as long as I can keep up. Eventually there will be the ability to upload photos and videos of your projects and performances. The more time I spend building guitars the less time I have to work on this webpage. So indeed it may move slowly but this will come about eventually.

If you have any other comments or articles you would like to place on Cigar Box Guitar Hut, feel free to send them.

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